mixtape mondays: Sampha

Mondays is always the terriblest day of the week. Unless you read Okayplayer, cause round here it’s Mixtape Mondays. That goes double-sided for today, which arrived with a frosty covering of snow (here in NYC) and 3 feet of dope mixes, including new and exclusive jawns from the No(W)FUTUR crew in Paris, DJ Lexis of the Music Is My Sanctuary slash 24 Hours Of Vinyl crew (in Montreal), DJ Rahdu of the Bama Love Soul crew (in–you guessed it–‘Bama) an all-Pharrell mix from DJ Mars and an all-Sampha mix from the Last Skeptik. Working from home with hot cocoa and stacks of good music, what else could you really ask for from a monday? Unless you’re a resident of Denver or a Broncos fan from anywhere, in which case I guess you could ask for a lot more than you got last night. In that case, you should just listen to The Roots‘ entire catalog on shuffle (but not the superbowl shuffle). Everybody else, click through for the best mixtapes monday has to offer:



  • maynamour

    I thoroughly enjoyed this mix… my Monday is complete

  • francisranger

    Lexis is featured on OKAYPLAYER like a boss !

  • Ana Maria

    The link for the Instant Vintage mixtape doesn’t work for me :/

    • DJ Trauma

      Were you able to get the right link working?

    • Ana Maria

      Yes! Thanks a lot.

  • Social Slave Worker Drone

    Now, Futur want us to work for free for Zuckerberg in order to dl their ‘free’ mix. Ain’t free if you have to work for it. Fug facebook, fug google, fug twitter, fug linked in, fug instagram, fug all yall no-tax-paying-data-hoarding anti-social slave networks.

  • DJ Trauma

    Okayplayer i hope next time i can get some love on the next mixtape Mars & I put out that y’all post! Love y’all movement though!!