Midnight Marauder Wax Poetics 20th Anniversary Mixtape

UPDATE: It’s not Monday no more but Wax Poetics’ Midnight Marauders 20th Anniversary mixtape definitely needs to get some burn on here too. Oh my god. Yes. Oh my god.

In this week’s edition of Mixtape Mondayswe have two tapes honoring legendary hip-hop albums and one that is impossible to fit in one genre. Wish honors A Tribe Called Quest’s 20th anniversary of Midnight MaraudersPurple brings us on a space-journey, and samples of The Beatles are re-contextualized with Wu-Tang Clan verses. Click through to hear our picks of the best mixes on the planet.



  • Jenny von Falkenberg

    How time has flown by and still can’t get enough of A Tribe Called Quest

    • Rick

      I agree with you Jenny!

  • The Pirate Bay

    Dat WuTang x Beatles tape is off the chart.