Miguel performs live in Paris (exclusive photos)

OKP Exclusive: Miguel Live In Paris [Photos]

Nothing really says Valentine’s Day like Miguel, shirtless and dripping steam as he rocks an enthralled crowd in Paris–the most romantic city in the world, as anybody who’s seen an arthouse movie or heard a Cole Porter song already knows–showing off his newly-ripped greek god abdominals (damn, kid) in red-devil pants and not much else, singing his sex symbol heart out. At least nothing says it to Miguel’s legion of female fans (and a few oGayplayers ™. It’s cool, we know you’re out there). This is not just our verbal description of a school girl’s sexual daydream–this shit actually happened. Mr. Mass–our go-to photographer (and music connoisseur) in Paris to document this epic concert in full color and what looks like unlimited access to Mr. Unlimited, capturing a portfolio’s worth of these soon-to-be-iconic images. Whether you’re looking for stimulation or tips on how to do this (son) click through our exclusive photoset to relive this historic show on your desktop. What you do on your desktop immediately afterward ain’t nobody’s business but you and your baby’s.

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