Miguel performing "Do You" live on Late Night With Jimmy_Fallon

Told you Miguel was dope. R&B’s art-star has been moving from strength to strength recently and this epic live performance of “Do You” on Friday’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon feels like an official crowning moment on what has definitely been a very good year for dude. Specifically, it feels like the young performer has honed his live show and proved his ability to rock out with the best of them to the point where he can be comfortable with a lingering, slow building performance like this one, saving the acrobatics–like say, doing a hand-plant across Jimmy’s desk into a parkour leap off the sofa (watch at about 3 minutes in)–until the energy really demands it. Watch the fun below and cop Kaleidoscope Dream on iTunes today.



  • NBC had to hav been pissed about the very un-subtle drug reference in this song…Miguel is dope, great T-shirt too

  • miguel is dope. on a side note, why do OKP news items get so few comments? (compared to other sites)

  • Yea, I was wondering about the drug reference in the chorus (on Live TV) but it was dope

  • D. Hall

    Miguel is dope. He brings a much needed breath of fresh air to a very stagnant music industry.

  • Dave_MC

    Miguel is amazing. He’s got other live performances that are better than this one, which is saying a lot. Love that he’s pushing R&B while keeping some familiar elements. Great artist.