EP art for Miguel Art Dealer Chic, Vol. 3

Always on some night-moves type ish, your boy Miguel dropped part 3 of his micro-EP series Art Dealer Chic over the weekend. This one is a little less slow-grind and a little more fast-bump as suggested by song titles like “Party Life” (back cover with tracklist after the jump) although the last track  “Candles in the Sun, Blowin in the Wind” lives up to the art-gallery theme with a pretty weird beat and what sounds like an extended John Lennon vocal sample (?) Ah the things you can do on mixtapes…download via the link below (or just put your email in the slot at www.artdealerchic.com) and have your own arty party.


back cover for Miguel, Art Dealer Chic, Vol. 3 inc. tracklist



  • promeneurz

    Part 1 was dope, part 2 & 3 suck though