MF DOOM Samples Factory Sounds For "Bookhead" Remix

MF DOOM Samples Clarks' Factory Sounds For "Bookhead" Remix

by zo
4 years ago

MF DOOM Samples Clarks' Factory Sounds For "Bookshelf" Remix

The living enigma MF DOOM recently took a trip to the Clarks factory in Somerset, England. And what would you imagine a diabolical beat conductor might do in a loud industrial setting? Why he’d sample the sounds of course! So it came to be that DOOM appropriated those sounds to a remix of his collaborative banger “Bookhead” with¬†Jneiro Jarel.¬†What was once a lush production gets stripped down to the bone, building a kit entirely of bouncy metallic kicks and snares. With his own signature Wallabees out and impending a new project with young gun Bishop Nehru in the works, the king of collabs has plenty in the works to keep you at bay these next few months. Peep the resourceful remix for “Bookhead” below.

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