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Video: Melanie Fiona - "Change The Record" [feat. B.o.B]

Melanie Fiona - Change The Record

Melanie Fiona is trying to get you, a DJ, and bad romances to move with her new video for “Change The Record” with multitalented recording artist B.o.B. The song comes off Melanie’s second studio album, The MF Life (released in March), which is home for singles like “4AM” and “Gone and Never Coming Back.” We posted audio for “Change The Record” earlier this year before the album dropped, so we figured, “Why not post the video too?” In using the metaphor of bad relationships/lovers as records, the video befits the song. Melanie stands glamorous and tall in a room full of pinned-up records. As she sings, she flings forty-fives toward the camera. Then, closeups on the records reveals that they’re donned with pictures of ex-lovers pleading to given play again. Enter B.o.B to criticize unsuccessful and unsatisfying love as Melanie holds it down beside him. Overall, a pretty basic and simple video. While we don’t consider the literal video (or song) MF’s best work, it’s always good to see and hear her doing her thing. And we must admit: it’s catchy…

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