Marsha Ambrosius in a still from "Fuck N Get It Over With" (official video)

Marsha Ambrosius swears like a longshoreman and sings like an angel on her new video “F**k N Get It Over With” a melancholy ode to that modern-day relationship phenomenon generally known as “the hate f**k” (in some cases the “free repeater” or perhaps you’d prefer “enemies with benefits”?). This whole not-for-airplay seems to be a new trend in r&b both male and female, what with Brian McKnight trying to teach you how your p**sy works and everything, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Yet I’m not particularly bothered by Miguel‘s use of the same term or R. Kelly declaring “I’m f**king you tonight.” Somebody talk this through with me. When is pottymouth soul appropriate and when isn’t it?

spotted at SU


  • DougE.Stale

    I don’t have a problem with soul singers cursing if it fits the vibe of the track. I DO have a problem with the angry/bitter R&B i hear all the time…I don’t even wanna listen to my own friends complain, so I definitely don’t wanna hear it from some lame stranger, sorry