Marlon Wayans Launches 'The Urban Funny or Die'

Marlon Wayans Launches 'The Urban Funny or Die'

marlon wayans what the funny

Marlon Wayans is launching a comedy website called Whatthefunny.com, which he aims to be akin to Funny or Die but directed at an urban audience. In working with FoD founder Randy Adams and producer Peter Coleman, Wayans hopes to bring short In Living Color– like skits to the web. They aim to get like-minded comedians involved and have multiple series’ which air weekly. Wayans wants to launch by the end of the year and is interested in getting some of his relatives and former co-stars to join him on the new network. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Wayans said “the internet is a land of opportunity.” Stay tuned for more information on Marlon Wayans’ new comedy network, What The Funny.

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