Our buddy Owen Biddle, who’s been holding down the low-end with The Roots for some time, is venturing on to new opportunities, focusing on his own music.  While we’ll miss Owen dearly, we’re excited to welcome Mark Kelley into the fold as an official part of the Roots fam-a-lam.  Mark has previously played with the likes of Meshell N’degeocello, Jason Moran, Roy Hargrove, Nicholas Payton, and Christian McBride among many others.  Plus, he’s a super cool dude.  We’re all excited to see where this will go.  Check out a clip of Mark performing above, with the Berklee All-Star Quartet, and after the jump as he and Meshell N’degeocello cover Prince‘s “Lady Cab Driver.”



  • Logical 1

    One of my favorite jawns off “Uptown Saturday Night!” Shmoove…

  • Daru is also a beast. I know a lot of cats in NY who play with him and say he’s a good dude. Almost called him for my record but then the homie Steve McKie came through. Whattup, Steve!

  • Mateus

    Boooooo. I’m glad Biddle is going on to do his thing, I guess, but he was a MONSTER on the bass for the Roots. The video posted above is not encouraging.

  • Rickyrose

    this news is heart breaking…I guess that means no more “Real House Wives of Late Night.” Sad….All joking aside, this is hard news.

  • b.

    So that’s what’s up? I thought that dude playing the bass last night on Late Night was just fillin’ for Owen…didn’t know he was gonna replace Owen. Owen was dope, not to mention Hub. LOVE Hub. Oh, well…it is what it is…

    Big-up Mark Kelley…!

  • Pooz30

    horrible news… not hating on Kelley, too early to judge… but man Owen was a beast. Miles beyond HUB’s skill level. This makes me sad.

  • StreetWalkingBaby

    Oh boyy. Hopefully this new cat will live up to the bass biddle could do!

  • Jules Jacques

    Whats even more interesting is the song that they were practicing… Will there be a Camp Lo Tour with a live band?

  • sstretch

    Damn that sucks though, OWEN was putting in that work with the roots, sad to see, but we ll see with the new dude but folks that usually leave the roots arent’ seen like that. Maybe if this dude don’t work out, they can bring HUB back.

    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323

  • New Album, New Bass Player. Cant wait. Props to Owen, loved his playing.

  • BassUP

    Yo. I don’t know what anyone is talking about. HUB was and always will be THE ROOTS. Owen was sweet, but he over plays. Hub just sat back and killed the groove. Mark sounds good. Sit back relax. it’s about to get real nice.

    • Pooz30

      Fully disagree with you. Owen didn’t overplay, he was just more technical. He was actually way more talented than HUB… Owen was way cleaner and could play a larger variety of genres at an extremely high level. HUB was a very boring bass player, and his playing often sounded too heavy and muddy.

    • Mateus

      Truth! Owen was a got damn monster on the bass. The only thing that could make his replacement palatable is news that Esperanza Spalding will be joining them instead.

  • Alfonso Lares

    well i hope he sounds better than this video. cause the drummer and every else sounds bad makiing this new bassit look bad. i hope he can bring his a game cause after watching that video it looks like his still fooling around

  • james bond

    marc kellie is gay

  • TASH

    HUB is the man!! A vet in the industry–bring back HUB!!

  • james

    Mark is a BEAST. Just an FYI. I’ve worked with him before, and he’s the best bass player I’ve ever soon. My dude memorized Blitz the Ambassador’s entire set in 24 hours and killed the show. Big ups Mark. Glad to see you doing your thing.

  • Owen was so tight with it!!! Amazing tone and run-fillers out of this world! As a bassist, props to Owen. Waiting to see how Kelley fits.

  • Chi. Capo

    Hub & Owen played there part..Move on to do there own
    thing,big ups!!!
    Mark Kelly has the chair now….And would not have it if he
    could not HOLD IT DOWN!!! Any fool should know that…..

  • Henryy

    Wow, this is a tough crowd. Everyone involved is this “situation” are all great musicians !!! I’m not familiar with Kelly, but I am sure he will “fill the bill” just fine. I can not see The Roots getting a sub-par musician in the band. They’re all good.

  • IEK

    what are people talking about? Kelley is amazing. I guess that I just never felt Owen, though. Hub is still the dude, though.

  • Jack

    Jeeze, tough crowd.. I went to berklee with Mark Kelly and he is a monster, you have no clue… Someone here said in the above clip that he was just “foolin around” … Feel bad for you bro…your ears fell off, or you only except hip hop and funk and don’t know that those styles are standing on the shoulders of jazz… Sheeit…