Mariah Carey Jimmy Fallon and The Roots play All I Want For Christmas Is You live on classroom instruments

Mariah Carey, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots play “All I Want For Christmas” live on classroom instruments backstage at LNWJF during Mariah’s appearance on the set last night. In case you’re worried about what happened to the little kids whose instruments they jacked for this performance–don’t be, they’re fine. For proof of life watch below and pay special attention at :35 seconds in. And by the way, you can purchase Mariah’s holiday LP Merry Christmas II You on iTunes now.


  • greg

    Why do The Roots lower them selfs to this bullshit? Fallon is so unfunny watching paint dry is more funny, there phenominally talented skilled musicians with arguably one of the greatest mc of all time so why is there a need for this? whats going on come on guys????????

  • Jay Delmer

    East now Greg – get yo self into the xmas spirit and lighten the hell up – I will now put my tree up, don my christmas jumper and sing a medley of Christmas songs – peace and goodwill to all men

  • djrubadub

    nothing but happiness right here..!!

  • BleSSeD_VIceS

    how can anyone hate on this or any of their silly arrangements. Shit is genius, light hearted and most importantly FUN!!!! Lower themselves my ass, I bet they enjoy every minute of this shit. how could you not? all of em living the dream, fallon included.

  • winstonsalems

    all i heard was boobs.