"He Talked So Much Trash" - Magic Johnson On Playing Prince

Magic Johnson Recalls Prince's Trash-Talking On-Court Antics

Game Blouses: Magic Johnson Recalls Prince's Trash-Talking On-Court Antics

Suppose we already knew that Prince fancied himself a basketball player. If not a GOAT, certainly an admirer of the game. Charlie Murphy‘s tale of balling with P only served as reinforcement, hilarious as it may be. Recently, Samuel L. Jackson confirmed that the battle of the blouses was not mere Hollywood folklore, but actually happened, with Prince and his crew wearing church shoes the whole way through.

But a coked-out Charlie Murphy wasn’t the only one that met with The Purple One on the hardcourt. In fact, a recent visit Jimmy Fallon Live visit from Magic Johnson found the 12-time all-star ruminating over his relationship with Prince and his hallmark trash-talking on-court antics, as well as that one time Prince asked Johnson, who at the time owned a grip of movie theaters, to open up for a special 2AM screening. Prince apparently arrived in a bus full of pajama-clad friends and musicians. He would return time and time again to for these twilight screenings, to which Magic happily obliged. Watch Magic Johnson recall his time Prince encounters in the clip below and hold tight for the next edition of the Prince chronicles.

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