Madlib Talks 'Madvillainy' Sequel + Zamrock Inspired Record W/ Yasiin Bey

The ever enigmatic Beat Konducta Madlib sat down with Tim Noakes over at DAZED for a bit of a Q&A session to address only the most pertinent topics under the sun. Priority was given to the speculation around a follow-up to his classic collabo with DOOM Madvillainy, which appears to be held up due to some rust around the Metal Fingers, but the reluctancy of MF hasn’t wiped the Konducta clear of his optimism for the project, as he was apparently on his way to visit the villain just after the interview ended. He says:

“He doesn’t even have to do it; I just want to know where we are at with it because we recorded like, 10, 13 songs, but out of those we probably only used 4, so I want to see how the recordings are going. It’s not close to finished because it has to be a continuation of the last one. It doesn’t have to be better or worse but it has to be a continuation. “

They waxed on some of the mythology that’s built up around him due to his behind-the-veil steez, how Dilla’s legacy might be mishandled and how he intends to manage his own legacy once he moves on. The man of many monikers was as open and candid as we’ve ever seen him in what few interviews he has granted. He even went as far as to break down the appropriate drug/food/liquor pairings for each of his most notable works. Head over to DAZED to find out what you should be consuming the next time you pop in Champion Sound. 



  • gov

    Dude is a cornball for speaking on another mans affairs. So I hope this means we wont see any more postumus Dilla tracks or seasonal DONUT reissues coming from him and Stonesthrow records!!!!????

    • smallpro

      madlib doesn’t run stones throw. duh.

    • Dee Jay

      lol Madlib has nothing to do with that shit. You need to be complaining to Peanut Butter Wolf about that

  • Gov

    Not saying that he does but he’s in cahoots with them, if that’s who he’s talking about he should call em by name. And stop exploiting Dillas name in interviews to get headlines and quit biting Dillas swag, calling himself an alien.

  • Gov

    Ok! DEE JAY, Smallpro, Real G’s know you dont speak on another mans business that doesnt concern you. Madlib is out of bounds for mentioning Dillas business in an interview that frankly has nothing to do with Dilla. That in itself could be viewed as exploitation. And of he felt passionatly enough to speak on exploitation, he should have balls enough to take it there and say who it is that he’s attempting to indict like a real G would.