Madlib went on Benji B's BBC1 show to talk upcoming projects and J Dilla

The one and only Beat Konducta Madlib took a trip across the pond to drop knowledge and love on Benji B‘s BBC 1 program last night. The loop digga sat down with Benji to discuss new material for both his next Quasimoto and Madvillain projects, not to mention tell a story or two about the late GOAT and his personal friend and production partner Jay Dee, one of which involves Dilla digging through crates just a few days before his passing. Its a real treat for the donut lover in us all and shows a side of Madlib we rarely get to see (the one where he actually goes by Madlib, after all the man’s got aliases for days) Coupled with an exclusive hour-long mix chock-full-o-choice-cuts, the 2-hour show is simply not to be missed. You can hear the interview and mix in their entirety over at BBC 1 or listen to the funk itself below, but don’t sleep on it because it’s only available for 6 more days. Beat the clock and grab a glass milk, it’s only right.


  • Akello Light

    So lovely.

  • Nemanja Vujcin


  • Petter


  • big boi

    where can i download diss???

  • j vigh

    I don’t think it’s available for download. I recorded it with my phone and saved it to my computer. Not the best quality, but hey, it works!

    • Eazy

      You’re doing technology backwards bro, just use any program that can record streaming audio. You’d get it at the same quality of the stream.

    • j vigh

      Thanks man, I’ll look into that!