16 years after the release of his still crazily underappreciated debut, From Where???, Mad Skillz will be laying down his mic for good. There’s probably still hope for the occasional guest feature and the indispensable “Rap Up” series but as far as albums go, Thoughts Become Things will be the homie’s final outing. Scroll down to watch a clip of Skillz in the studio working on the LP, which is scheduled for December and read a quote from him after the jump.

The process of recording your last album is a very deep, thought-provoking process. Like if this is really it, then what do you wanna say that you haven’t already said and what do you want people to remember from this project?



  • VA in the house

  • Steve!

    Been a fan of Skillz since his “mad” days back in ’95. He’s always remained one of my favorite MCs…and your favorite MC’s favorite! Skillz’s freestyles, mixtapes, rap ups and albums always leave you wanting more. As he takes a bow on his career, I’d like to see him get “mad” one last time and set straight napalm to this record!!!! The last record was good but had too much r&b and a slow pace. Skillz is at his best when he’s ripping you a new ear hole, so a full album of that would be insane. A message to Skillz: Get “mad”, hook up with No ID and don’t go quietly into that good night. Peace.

  • NOLAson

    On one level, I kinda concur with Steve!, but on second thought, I wanna hear him reflect and go in mainly on the state of the game. I’m not saying do a “Letter to the Game”, but after two decades I know Skillz gained a lot of knowledge about the industry and life in general.

    Somebody hand me a mic with the edict “these are y our last words” Imma tell you how I feel — no chaser.

    I feel like Skillz is the man for the job.

    Sad to see ya go homie, but on to bigger and better. Godspeed homie.

  • sstretch

    I agree with STEVE also. That last album was more on an r&b tip. You gotta go down with guns ablazing if its your last record. Come raw with straight heat.

    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323