It hasn’t been in the headlines for a while, but remember when Lord Finesse flipped out and served Mac Miller with a $10 million lawsuit? If you’re having trouble remembering, let us help you out. In August 2010, Mac Miller dropped his breakthrough mixtape K.I.D.S., featuring tracks like “Nikes On My Feet” (sampling Nas‘ “The World Is Yours”) and “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” (sampling Finesse’s “Hip 2 Da Game”). Almost two years later, Lord Finesse hit Mac with the lawsuit, claiming use of an authorized sample in “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza.” Almost immediately afterwards, it seemed like the issue would clear up easily based on both artists’ twitter responses but things didn’t really go that smoothly. Finally, according to court documents, the two have come to an undisclosed settlement (some reports are putting the figure at $10 million). And as exciting as it will be to hear what the final payout will be, the more pressing question on everyone’s mind is what precedent will be set for the mixtape as a form of releasing hip-hop music. Share your thoughts below and check back for more details as they come.

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  • clippz

    First off Mixtapes are not mixtapes anymore… they should be mixed by a DJ! If its on a mixtape let it be… if it was on an album then thats an issue!

  • Blackrockstar

    I have much respect for Lord Finesse’s past work and I appreciate the hard work and Style of Mac Miller. However in regards to this lawsuit, I find it a rather opportunistic manoeuvre from Finesse to be honest

  • Trickykid

    Hip hop artists sueing hip hop artists over sampling ? Total nonsense. Shame on you Finesse !

    • DJTime

      Mac didn’t sample Finesse he took the whole beat and made an actual song…that ain’t Hip Hop!!

    • g

      says who?

    • Jason Mazur

      LOL that’s hip hop all day. Dudes take hot beat of popular song and spit they game. Their have been entire mixtapes dedicated to complete catalogs of old artist beats to be used as new songs for emerging artists. If he didn’t sell the mixtape then what’s the issue? If he did then I can see it. I’m a lol baffled tho since hip hop and rap is filled with samples and borrowed metaphors/lines. At any rate, Finesse smelled a come up and came up.


    Now that Pharrell and other thieves are being forced to pay up for a fraction of their serial STEALING, the LAW needs to get involved and arrest these thugs for MEGA-GRAND LARCENY for stealing millions from the theft of just one song, not to mention the rest of their output.