Lupe Fiasco still

Talk about getting back on the radar. After dropping the vid for “B**ch Bad,” Lupe Fiasco knew he’d be stirring up controversy, however, he probably was not expecting Spin Magazine to attack the clip and song itself. The article trashed “B**ch Bad” in as many ways as possible, calling it a “muddled, mealy-mouthed missive about rap and misogyny,” reckless social commentary,” and claimed that Lupe has a “moronic ‘lyrics over everything’ attitude.” Ouch.

Lupe was definitely not happy with the review and took his thoughts to twitter where he counter argued.

I see why you call yourself “Spin” cuz that’s all u do. To not like an artist soooo much you sure spend an awful lot of time cooking up eloquent garbage about him…stop reaching…it’s sad. Sensationalism and half-truth runs the media. Practice real journalism or put fold out boy band posters in your mag and call it a day.

He promoted a Spin Magazine boycott with the hashtag #SpinMagazineBoycott and is continuing his attempt to organize the event via tweets.

Lu got to discuss “B**ch Bad” with BET’s 106 & Park, (after the jump) where he pointed out that he’s never called himself controversial. “The media kinda put that tag on me. I guess the subject matter that I choose to talk about, you know, can rub some people the wrong way,” he says. The Spin Mag review does seem to go above and beyond the merely critical—but let us know how you feel about it–and the boycott–in the comments section.


  • Andre

    He made a lame song and got charged with exactly that – where’s the controversy?

    • hmm

      please explain to me why you claim its lame? maybe im missing something..

    • JustMe

      He’s right. It’s lame.

    • hmm

      Come on, at least explain why it’s lame.

    • rtoriq

      Nah, don’t expect a decent explanation, we’re just supposed to mindlessly agree it’s wack.

      ANYWAYS, i kind of lost a lil faith in Lupe after Lasers, but his recent singles are great IMO and poetic (even if i’m not crazy on the production of the tracks). The writer just has some personal beef or agenda that he’s not expressing. Because that review was straight-up garbage. He wasn’t making no kinda points at all, just another idiot blogger who takes to a laptop and rants, but SPIN still publishes it. SMH. You know, magazines, music magazines in particular, are rapidly becoming nothing more than glorified tabloids.

      Keep on keeping on Lupe.

    • Andre

      He shows absolutely no flow and talks over a a boring beat for five minutes. Worse yet, the lyrics are preachy and dumbed down as if his audience needs the message spelled out for them. You can make “positive” music without it being preachy and boring. I’m not a Lupe hater – Food and Liquor is one of my favorite albums and still gets plenty of play – but this song is garbage.

      Honestly, when are any of ya’ll listening to this song beyond, maybe, a month from now?

  • the hood says..

    Boycott spin cuz they basically trying to diss a hot song that should be added to your playlist. I’ve heard a lot of lame songs this year & this isn’t one of them !

  • Vaughn Victor

    Strange how those saying the song is lame but cannot express valid reasons for their criticism. The song does an excellent job of breaking down the negative effects a lot of rap songs have on youth (and sadly some adults) this day in age. The industry is run execs who make most of their money by pushing songs they know have this negative impact.


    the track is lame but its suppose 2B simple enuff so the dumb-dumbs that need 2 hear it can hear it ..the lyrics R damn sho on point tho & no where near lame ..and as far as Lasers go I look @ that album like its an ep cuz 6 of those tracks (1,2,6,7,9,12) are betta than most albums ..

  • conscious sister

    Song is dope, message is dope. Societies mind set is lost in the waves, and people are brain washed just as they intend for them to be. But my Eyes are open and I commend Lupe, much love.