Lupe Fiasco reveals the secret liner notes on the all-black packaging of Food & Liquor 2: TGARAP1

Lupe Fiasco reveals–in an interview with Big Boy on L.A.s Power 106–the secret location of the secret liner notes on his all-black everything packaging and CD booklet for the new LP Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Part 1 (watch below for the secret code). While they got him in the studio–as if to offer an illustration of the industry fuckery which Lupe is so clearly trying to break with on this record–the Power 106 crew spend an uncomfortably long time trying to force him to state a preference for boobs or buttocks, to the point of having a female member of the 106 staff strip down to her daisy dukes (after the jump).

spotted at LE


  • Rob23

    whats a CD?

  • Don

    It’s not really secret, he actually says it at the very end of the album lol.

    • DoubleRDub

      Exactly. Which makes me wonder if they actually listened to the entire album. Lol