Lupe Fiasco chunking up the deuces in a still from his "Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)" video

As you doubtless noticed if you follow Lupe Fiasco (or Okayplayer) on twitter, Wasulu has apparently (?) retired from the rap game altogether, stating that the forthcoming album Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Part 1 will be his last. Read the full text of his twitter announcement below:

 ‏@LupeFiasco: My father I have spoken the truth to them yet it has only made my life in this world more troubled. I can bear this no longer…

‏@LupeFiasco:  I have spoken peace only 2 receive vitriol and malice in return. My brother seeks destruction my sister seeks attention paths to nothingness.

‏@LupeFiasco:  I’d die for them… but they’d probably spit on my grave… I still will die for them… Just bury me in a place far from their reach… Amin.

‏@LupeFiasco:  This album will probably be my last…its been a pleasure to have all my fans provide so much love an inspiration for me and my family

‏@LupeFiasco:  but my heart is broken and i see no comfort further along this path only more pain. I cannot participate any longer in this…

‏@LupeFiasco:  My first true love was literature so i will return to that…lupe fiasco ends here…

‏@LupeFiasco:  …

Would seem a little odd to fade to black on a release sub-titled “Part 1”–which may be why Lupe followed the announcement by blasting out what he described as an “unfinished but fitting” version of a new song: “American Terrorist, Part 2.” Not only does the ‘Part 2’ make a more reflexive chunking up of the proverbial deuces but the lyrics (which reprises his suicide-bomber notes on “American Terrorist” Parts 1 and 3) seem downright auto-biographical in the context of his announcement and the back-n-forth with fellow Chicagoan Chief Keef which immediately preceded (if not prompted) it:

“Last remarks: they did it to themselves / Killed off heaven, now I live in hell / So complicit in they own non-survival…they biggest rival, is inside you…”

Sort of seems to sum up Lu’s general disgust with the state of the game and the urban cult of violence that Keef has come to represent. Listen below and Lupologists, tell me what the hell to think about this whole situation in the comments section.


  • Lupologist #237

    i think by stating that “this album is his last” he doesnt mean thegreatamericanrapalbum part 1, hes refering to both parts, so technically TGARA Part2 will be his last. but thats what he said all the time.
    i guess after part 2 he’ll release his music independent from any music label, i dont believe hell be gone for good…

  • ***Lupe Fiasco*** will Always & Forever will be the Best M.C.to ever bring forth what our people really need to be really absorbing. There’s more like Him, Like The Roots, KRS-ONE, Talib, Dead Prez, and etc…

    Real topics. Real Life issues that we really need to be focused on for the advancement of our people. This very same music that we love is the same very music that has us stuck in neutral not going anywhere fast, but to jail & graves.

    It’s time for us to WAKE THE F*CK UP! It ain’t hard to see but Bros & Hoes are willing to sell their Soul for any little piece of change just to say they BALLING!

    Yeah right, who Y’all think you fooling?

    This message is to Mr. Lupe Fiasco if you’re reading this, A Real Activist never stop doing his duty because you’re not getting an overnight reaction to what you’re delivering to the masses. No matter how much the HATERS say they don’t listen to your music trust me they do, that’s how they know they don’t like it because if it’s not ignorant enough for them can tell right from the start, So you did your job and some.


  • rickyrose

    absolutely amazing!!! The song couldn’t be more fitting for the hour. Real heroes always have opposition and are usually perceived as the enemy.

  • Obituary

    He is talking about every single one of you illegally downloading his songs. Assholes buying nikes!!! 😀

  • Jay

    Honestly, I think Lupe could be scared. I know that’s rough to say, but Lil Jojo, a Chicago rapper, was just shot and killed. Lil Jojo had beef with Chief Keef and the Chicago Police Department believe Chief Keef may have been involved. Chief Keef is a Black Disciple and Lil Jojo, a Gangster Disciple, was shot in Black Disciple territory. I’m born and raised Chicago and if you have problems with a gang you might as well move out of the city, because killing to them is nothing lately. Lupe’s family still lives in the city, and if I was them I would be careful, really sad to say. Check out the article in our local paper about the killing of Lil Jojo.

  • Amiri Mahnzili

    Its apparent this brotha is more than passionate about his craft. i would hate to see such a profound intellectual & gifted lyricist leave the game @ a moment when he is most needed. i was blessed to have the yasiin bey, talib kweli’s, black thought, & (that like water for chocolate) common. to provide a consciousness & counter culture to the way mainstream media portrayed the black community. Lupe was the vanguard of his generation to provide that counter culture & for that he will be greatly missed…

  • whatever, i dont even like new lupe anyway, his music has just been pissing me off lateley, i know lupe is still a dope emcee, but his songs have honestly done nothing for me since “The Cool and the first Food n Liqour” everything else I could care less about, this isnt hate, i just wish hed drop something alredy that makes me go “hell yeaaaah” otherwise the musical chocies hes been picking to put his genius on has no listening game from me really, all in all I really hope he comes back with something Id like to hear, otherwise be well Mr Fiasco

  • englishmime

    Any player in the game who is going to stay connected to the struggle, speak on behalf of the struggle, die for the struggling is a permanent fixture in my heart. God bless your soul, Fiasco! ‘Amin’

  • actualize

    such an amazing emcee, but he slips across the line into corniness way too often. not feeling the dubstep fad getting in his beats.

  • Lupologist Forty

    This won’t be Lupe’s last album. Perhaps 40th to last, but not last. Pray for the brokenness in Chicago’s West and Southside communities. And while your at it pray for the brokenness in Lupe, yourself, and I.

    From a hip hop/musical perspective, we need more VOICES speaking on serious issues (i.e. 13-19 year olds murdering people), so that listeners are aware, and able to take action. Peace to you and yours.

    MC Forty, Cincinnati

  • nice to see a quality dubstep and hip hop combo. nice production here.

  • I don’t really blame Lupe. Hip-hop has been in such a decline since dilla dog passed and that whole thing with chief keeth is enough to push any ethical Hip-hop head father away from the genre. My thing is, I thought Lupe was going to save the industry with Lasers it turns out it wasn’t his album at all it was atlantic’s. But I’m straying from the point, I’m pissed off at the few true MCees left in the game for not amalgamating into a super group. Where is our YMCMB? Where is our G.O.O.D music? The fate of hip-hop is in your hands. Black Thought, Lupe, Mos Def, Talib, Nas, Common, Blu, Monch, Get together and make something happen! Change the game! Y’all still have the spotlight and the power to do something so act and stop letting all this nonsense flood the younger generations ears. This is gone on too long. Everyone has something to say but no one wants to act. It makes me question if y’all still remember the music you use to love…


  • Awethentic

    To Mysterbooieman (sp?) The problem is not the dope emcees that you mentioned; the problem is no one is trying to hear them. Cats are putting out good music (H.I.G.O., undun, The Dreamer, The Believer, Life Is Good, & Pharoahe’s last joint…forgot the name); the mentality of rap fans has changed entirely. And video and mainstream radio are mostly to blame for the lack of creativity in music today. If you write lyrics that provokve thought YOU’RE DONE! And that’s the sad ass truth…

    • That’s not what I’m arguing Awethentic. Good music is an congregation of subpar rappers, YMCMB is a congregation of SH**y rappers. Where Is like “the OKAYPLAYERs” with black thought mos def,, etc. where is the hip-hop head’s group? There is no niche for us in the mainstream. That’s deplorable with the amount of good rappers that are left in the game. it can’t be that hard to pool together a bit of money to start a label and change the industry.
      Because every one I’ve talked too admits that the radio is crap but they have nothing else to listen to. These artist should give them something to listen to. instead of allowing Barry mantalow listening Ar’s to control a genre they know nothing about nor care about. These records labels know how to make money. not music

  • Ray

    Not too many M.C. make you want to re-wind a track to catch a lyric or even make you think for that matter. Hat’s off to Lupe for being consistent in that respect. Always thought provoking.