Lupe Fiasco responds to Kendrick Lamar‘s fighting words with “#DopeFrancis” and “SLR 2” – two tracks built to fire shots at the Compton MC; the latter is a continuation of Fiasco’s 2010 track “Super Lupe Rap.” Lupe Fiasco gains momentum toward the end of “SLR 2”, digging deeper into K. Dot’s display on Big Sean‘s “Control (HOF)” and dishing out a few of his thoughts on Jay Z‘s latest LP Magna Carta Holy Grail:

Took two sips of the holy grail then I backed up &I turned around & I bent over & pittoo’d shit.
I love Jay, that’s my nigga. I feel sicker than a cruise ship

Now we all heard what he said, but what he said means we dead and that shit is insane.
He’s so crazy, look at the little baby.
Nigga you ain’t Nas, nigga you ain’t Jay-Z.
You will respect me, you will reject me,
But I’ve done so much, no matter how far you go, you will reflect me

Fan response to the arrival of “SLR 2” found Lupe Fiasco on Twitter crafting sample diss tracks for some of the most high profile rappers in the game – a move that has had the Chicago MC trending, as fans are entertained and fellow MC’s are unsurprisingly incensed by his impersonations and the suggestion that any of them would need a ghostwriter. Check Lupe Fiasco’s “#DopeFrancis” and “SLR 2” diss tracks below. Scroll down to take a look at some of Lupe’s ghostwriting samples.

>>>Check Lupe Fiasco’s diss track ghostwriting skills via VIBE


  • prideofNY

    Wow. The Lupe I got into was honestly above this kind of shit. Dude used to be unique and rapped about either the things that interested him as an individual or social issues that nobody else seemed to address. He sounds the same as any other rapper now.

    • Rod Deal

      I don’t think so. But to each his own.

    • Yeah Nig

      Yeah i feel you man. It’s like he gave in to all this BS he was trying to help us see throu. I won’t listen to him cause of that really. He spend half he’s carrier building an image of a social rebel who stands against what hip hop was turning into, now he the nig conforming. He ain’t even named on the damn “Control” track.

    • prideofNY

      Right? the funniest thing about “Control” is that none of the people that responded to it were even mentioned in the song. It just looks desperate if you ask me.

    • #1

      That’s because the control wasn’t that strong honestly it blew up cause homie said names, not to take away from Kendrick. but he is the talk of the town now. meh

  • ghost

    Good stuff.

    • #0

      Yeah he went in on this joint “Got body plans, so I karate stance so I can open up my chi”

  • tyrant the voice

    This midgit is a hypocritical backstabbin’ traitor!!! He’s garbage!! When he started out, i thought he was skillful but he violated so many rules in the game!! Mistake no.1 he shitted on tribe called quest, then pete rock but cried like a baby when Chief Keef dissed him. Mistake no.2 he shitted on kanye and jay-z the people who helped him get on in the first place fucking stupid!! And last mistake no.3 he hops on the conspiracy theory bandwagon and talks about President Obama!! So to sum it all up his career and persona is phony as a 3 dollar bill..A fake!! And their is no way he’s seeing Kendrick!!!

    • James Russel

      Lupe fell off, but fuck Obama. The man’s a fuckin liar, that ain’t no conspiracy theory. He’s got y’all fooled. He’s a great speaker, but that doesn’t mean shit when he refuses to follow through on anything he says he’ll do.

    • tyrant the voice

      This country was heading for the shitter way before Obama idiot !! Another internet conspiracy theorists, Wow!!!! Does Obama make people literally fuck up? Not go to work, drop out of high school murder other people and cause you to go jail by force? No, it’s by choice. I bet when he’s out of office that none of you overnight web historians won’t say shit about the next white face that takes his place and that’s real. So fuck off!! And Lupe is still a weirdo cornball.

    • James Russel

      You’re missing the point. Obama promised change. He gave people hope that he would be different and that he would do everything in his power to make things better. Now he’s on some Bush 2.0 type shit. His rhetoric is different, but what he actually does to this country is identical.

      People claim that he wants to change shit, but congress won’t let him. Bullshit. He uses the Executive Order whenever he really wants something done. He has the power to circumvent congress. He would just rather use congress as an excuse. It’s all lies.

    • tyrant the voice

      You’ll believe and fall for anything people tell you and what’s on the internet and that’s pathetic!!! Were done here!! And the real reason why nothing is being done because this country belongs to china and europe not to mention the color of the current presidents skin has alot to do with it also!!! Fuck the republicant’s and Trendocrats and a Giant Fuck you to the Teabaggers their all the true criminals!!! I hope that sums it up for you pal!!

    • James Russel

      Are you listening to me? I didn’t like the last president, who was white. I don’t like this current president, who is black. There’s no racial aspect there. And I’m not a Republican, obviously. Fuck you and your false dichotomies. You’re an odd person. Are you always like this?

    • tyrant the voice

      Your dichotomy is based off emotions not fact!! And your actions are from a standpoint of a groupie!! You won’t be this out spoken once he’s out of office!! Don’t lie to yourself moron your nothing but an overnight internet debater and advocator of what’s wrong with this country!! Being upset doesn’t get the job done and your choice of words are that of a stubborn child crying for candy all mouth with no results makes you a fool by default!! See your trolling not me!! And i don’t go back and fourth women do that so, pull your panties up homo and try the next brainless Lupe fanstan!! What a Joke!!!

    • James Russel

      Whoa. How did you know I was gay? That’s impressive. Maybe you’re smarter than I thought. Or maybe your go-to insults aren’t insults at all. And perhaps you need to lay off of the exclamation marks.

      Anyway, you’re not actually replying to what I said. Your replies have failed to be logical follow-ups to mine this entire time. Just straw man after straw man and you ranting about something unrelated and never offering any reasoning for your weird claims. I give up on this conversation.

    • keepit100percenttruth

      LOL I see cryrant is butthurt everywhere on the internet. Everyone is owning you cryrant. No wonder you’re so angry at me because i exposed you hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha LOL LAWL LOLOLOL ROFLMAO OMG LAWL LOLZ

    • tyrant the voice

      Dude your really proven me right by searching for old comments on line which let’s me know your still a faggot getting thrusted in your ass by saying Erykah Badu looks like a baboon and your still defending men who you wan’t to fuck you!!! When everyone see’s that your a male groupie stan fan for Drake and now i guess Lupe we’ll, They’ll see your a bottom catcher gayblade!! Hahhahahahahahaha!! This sissy is trolling on my nuts superhard For a month old comment Wow!! Fucking Doofy ass anus licker!!

  • existential

    It takes restraint to insult people on a level that only the people you want to understand it… get it. Granted, Lupe’s creative enough to slaughter him in lay man’s terms. Which would’ve been nice to hear as well.

  • Charlie Drummond

    Ironic that I’m leaving a comment, but the thing that confuses me about all these responses from Lupe, BoB etc, is ‘who asked them anyway?’ you gotta come hard out the gate with an album like Good Kid Maad City first then have the guts to call out a nation of lazy, complacent consumers-turned-entertainers. no one cares if you have money to buy shit. it’s boring. wake the fuck up. period.

  • TruthnDare

    #DopeFrancis was out days before Kendrick Lamar dropped that verse. Lupe not responding to that. SLR2 done in 2hrs after a Twitter request from fans – no pen involved, just did it, mixed it, put it up – 2hrs of lyrical gymnastics that I appreciate for what it is

  • (suh-blay)

    My respect went out the window with this dude man

  • troof tella

    lupe fiasco didn’t ghostwrite anything. he tweeted lines as if he was other emcees. that isn’t ghostwriting

  • R. Crumbles

    dont hate what you cant understand. The lyrics are coded, and if you don’t get it, then you probably weren’t meant to. This is dope work….using the medium as a vehicle for art and social commentary. Love that he’s unafraid to critique the untouchables…

    • James Russel


  • Ian

    None of you hating on SLR 2 understand what’s its about. Lupe made it for fun and he goes through and jacks everyone’s flow, meek mill, Bob, drake, Kendrick. Etc. Then he has some of the most subtle and creative disses in it