lord finesse

D.I.T.C. crew leader Lord Finesse got his turn to be featured on Fuse TV’s show Crate Diggers, where producers get the chance to show off their vinyl collections and go in-depth on the records they’ve sampled. In this episode (watch below) Finesse discusses  his work with the Notorious B.I.G. among other illustrious collaborations. He also speaks at length on the sheer volume of records he owns and how the collection is organized. This exercise in superdeep music nerdery is strategically-timed of course, since Lord Finesse’s treasure trove of beats has recently been at the center of a lawsuit (and $10m settlement) against Mac Miller over the use of his “Hip 2 Da Game” beat. Personally, I find it a little selfish for a hip-hop artist to be suing another over a mixtape track, no matter how great your legacy. But whatever your opinion on rapper-on-rapper litigation, however, you can check the video below and get seriously schooled on some vital hip-hop history.


  • Doitall76

    I love how you inject your opinion on the matter in such a professional fashion. In this case, just report the news of a hip hop icon. There are plenty of the readers here that recognize his hard work and dedication to hip hop. As a writer, in the news section, reserve your commentary to the comments section or the boards.
    Whatever your opinion on the amount of the settlement (which has not been disclosed), you have a new artist that took another artists well established song (without sampling or reinterpreting). Miller used it as his own song, did a professional and well promoted video, performed that song on stage, all to promote himself and his career. I can understand that this was unheard of, and was essentially a hip hop on hip hop crime (suing another artist), but you have an artist taking another artist’s work (using it to a whole nother level, beyond simply a mixtape use) without providing any compensation for it.
    I can understand Lord Finnese defending his work.