Last night Common premiered the video for his new single “Sweet” on Ustream, as part of a fundraising effort to support Haiti’s recovery from last year’s devastating earthquake. The cost to watch the video was $1 with all proceeds going to the J/P Haitian Relief Organization although the official vid is now freely viewable (above).

In the words of LargeUp editor Jesse Serwer:

Shot over a four day trip to Port-au-Prince last month, the video is a dizzying, cinema vérité journey through the city, with Common adopting a notably gruff demeanor to match the aggressiveness of a record on which he proclaims, “I am to hip-hop what Obama is to politics” and “when it comes to hip-hop it begins and ends with me.” Friends in the White House or not, we’re guessing The Dreamer/The Believer (out next month) is going to feel more like Resurrection than Electric Circus.

Watch above, check the official artwork for The Dreamer, The Believer after the jump and–definitely still support Haiti relief at JPHRO anyway!



  • common has two of my favorite videos this year.

  • loprimo

    One word SWEET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thankgod4soul

    So, what’s the point of this song? Is it preceded by “this is what I’d like to say sometimes” /alter-ego track? Cause this ain’t the poetry jam, “wake up everybody,” conscience Com we’re used to. This is more Tekzilla.

  • clay

    Black Milk flipped this sample better on Middle of the Map Part 1 off the Kidz in the Hall album… But this is still dope.

  • This doesn’t feel like Common. And why go to Hati for the video? Seems like a place that needs hope, not anger.


    • shorty’s boyz

      clutch, u sound like the type of dude rah was talking about. SWEET & feminine

    • Haiti, yes haiti, they angry, think about what happened to them…people in the states these days are so dumb>>>Whats going on with this country.

    • SPR VLN

      Com does what the f!@#$ he wants to do, not what someone tell him to…

    • victor


  • mr.chris

    That’s what’s up. R A W-ness.

  • Brock

    Not a big fan of this jam but you know that doesn’t change my opinion on the COM

  • se.po

    Common is Common – wutcha’ll want mahha&*$$azzzzz!!!!

  • Deez

    Dig this vid. Seems like Common is dissing Jay-Z

    • telo

      nope drake

  • victor

    ON THE “SWEET “SONG i am not feeling common no more…with that whitehouse dickriding..lol, what he means by;.. iam to hip hop like “obama is for politics”?… WHAT?…a fake poppet..who is part of the NEW WORLD ORDER and colaborator to the killing of his own people???…..com’on COMMON!!..where knowledge has gone?…and all that cursing and anger..where did it came from?