Lady (Nicole Wray and Terri Walker) "Money"

Lady - "Money" [Nicole Wray + Terri Walker]


Truth and Soul Records is gearing up to release the debut LP of their newest soul project, Lady. Drawing from influences across the spectrum, Lady is Nicole Wray and Terri Walker. If you recall, Wray began her career as an r&b artist under the tutelage of Missy Elliot and since then, has worked with an array of artists including Cam’ron, Kid Cudi and of course The Black Keys (on their hip-hop collab project BlakRoc and the Brothers album). Terri Walker, on the other hand, began her musical career in the UK Garage scene and eventually became known as the UK’s answer to Mary J. Blige and Jill Scott. So what’s the result of such a combination? The best way to describe it is a neo-retro-soul sound, paying homage to the classics and yet moving forward at the same time.  Take a listen to their first single “Money” to truly understand what that means and look for the LP release in March.

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