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Model Glue: Talking Style W/ Kool A.D. [of Das Racist]

Kool A.D. of Das Racist
Kool A.D. says what up to the camera in Okayafrica’s Dan-Nguere Tee.

Kool A.D. of Das Racist fame was um, cool enough to model some wears for Okayafrica’s new T-shirt line recently and afterward OKA sat down with (ok, emailed) the highly-rated rap deconstructionist to talk briefly about his personal style, dogs, and sustainable food production. Read on for more on spirit animals and style icons after the jump:

OKA: You got style. How would you describe it in 3 words or less? You got a style icon?

KOOL A.D.: My style in three words is “word ok thanks.” My style icon is Ornette Coleman.

OKA: Let’s talk about beards. How much time and thought does grooming your beard require, or do you feel the best beard is the result of not giving a f*ck?

KOOL A.D.: I usually have a beard because I don’t really like shaving.

OKA: Whats your favorite item of clothing?

KOOL A.D.: My free t-shirt I got from Okayafrica.

OKA: What’s your favorite item of clothing to remove from a female fan?

KOOL A.D.: Chill chill.

OKA: If you had your own cologne – let’s just say you bottled your body odor – what would you name it?

KOOL A.D.: “Too Much”

OKA: Name your spirit animal.


OKA: What are you working on right now? What’s going on with Das Racist and other music projects, etc?

KOOL A.D.: Just trying to record a lot. Rap and some shit with singing. Have a punk rock project called Party Animal putting out a record end of this year and touring beginning of next year. Got a pyschedelic rap project called Peaceful Solutions with Seattle jazzman Kassa Overall dropping soon. Working on a proto-post-rap project called Cult Days. Trying to transition at some point into sustainable food production.

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