Two KKK Members who Moonlighted as Prison Guards Convicted of Murder Plot

Two KKK Members who Moonlighted as Prison Guards Convicted of Murder Plot

Two Former KKK Members Found Guilty of Conspiracy

Source: Alachua County Jail

Two Ku Klux Klan members, who were once prison guards, have been found guilty of planning to kill a black inmate after his release.

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The two KKK members are Charles Newcomb (pictured left) and David Elliot Moran. They were both found guilty of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

Their scheme started with another prison guard who was also a KKK member (birds fly in flocks.) The prison guard, named Thomas Jordan Driver  who worked at the Department of Corrections Reception and Medical Center in Flordia with Moran — was bitten by the inmate, who is allegedly HIV positive. That’s when the three men started plotting. The only problem, they enlisted an FBI informant to the kill the inmate, who is free now. The three men were arrested in 2015 after an investigation, which included the feds and state, caught the men on recorded conversation planning the murder.

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The men openly talked about poisoning the ex-inmate with insulin. Then they said they would shoot him if that didn’t work.

In March, Jordan Driver pleaded guilty to the charges that Newcomb and Moran were hit with. Driver was then sentenced to four years in prison.  




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