UPDATE: We were 95.1% sure Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were going to go ballistic in reaction to this parody of their “Bound 2″ video–like, Funk-Flex-playing-”Cake”-and-yelling-”I’m dedicated to tearing you down”-level-mad. but when the Kimye reaction came, it was all LOLs:

Seth offered Kim props in return, admitting, in substance, that doing the nasty with a motorcycle up your ass is harder than it looks. See, Jimmy Kimmel–why can’t you do Kanye parodies Kanye likes?

Seth Rogen and James Franco steal the spotlight from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian with their parody of the official video for “Bound 2″ – the love track from the Yeezus LP featuring Charlie Wilson. Rogen and Franco deliver a thrilling performance in their rework of West’s snow-capped original, which dropped last week. The pair gives Kimye a run for their money as they take the term bromance to new levels in the video – lovingly entitled “Bound 3″ – shot during a break from production on their upcoming film. Check the footage below to watch Seth Rogen and James Franco in “Bound 3.” Stay tuned for more.


  • KJStJ

    Can’t wait to see Kanye’s rant about this –personally, I find this much easier to watch than the original.

  • whocares

    ive never had to watch something knowing ill regret it as much

  • Susan Sellers

    omg!!!! omg!!!! I am speechless, speechless, this is perfection, I can’t wait, I can’t wait for the response, OH MY GOD!!!!! HAHA HAHA HAHA HAAAAAAAAAAAA! OMG! I CAN’T ……I just can’t…..

  • disqus_rrdqZbiXBi

    I had never heard this song until now…. wow… Kanye is Derp.

  • Atiramlam

    Bye Karas….LOL

  • friendly jew

    im i the only one who has a problem with these crackers lip synching the words nigga!!

  • lovesrobertglasper

    I think Kanye would should pair up with a Robert Glasper collaboration.
    Killin’ em Ye