Video: Kenna - "Long Gone" - Okayplayer

Video: Kenna - "Long Gone"

Kenna - "Gone" (official video)

It begins! The long-awaited new jawn from Okayplayer fav Kenna has arrived, complete with a video co-directed by K and gangster with a conscience Orson Welles on some found footage type shit. Kenna himself is a Hitchcockian extra in his own vid, an elusive stalker flitting in and out of the peripheral vision of a platinum blonde starlet. The plaintive soul and 808s on “Long Gone” almost feel like they were written to capture the icey sexuality of the black & white short film, which follows our heroine/victim through her glamorous life as she tries shake off the threatening phone calls…but wait. The phone call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE. Watch below:

props to MTVU

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