Kendrick Lamar - "Sing About Me" Part 1

Darling child of the rap game and unanimously crowned Kendrick Lamar dropped an endearing visual for the standout track “Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst” off his groundbreaking –now Grammy nominated seven times over–good kid M.A.A.D city. How better to honor the multitude of perspectives K Dot juggles on this somber rocker than a two-part tour through his hometown with it’s resident royalty? Featuring a guest spot and piece from the ever-elastic artist Eddie Peake, the black-and-white visual treatment will have you counting the days to it’s sequel’s January release. See the more delicate side of Compton with its King below.


  • Mi-Cro

    very thought provoking – nice colour splash and art work too…can’t wait for part too!! :D

  • johnkay

    No wonder Kanye’s always so angry. Great video

  • Monica C.

    Great and meaningful!

  • TroyBrownTV

    Kendrick is dope just for putting out this type of music with all that he has to lose. A lot of people are into dude for Swimming Pools and Fuckin Problems. A lot of people won’t catch on to this type of work.

    • bailedex

      Truth be told those Club bangers have no meat to them and deep down people want the truth and some true skill. You see where 2Chainz’s career is at. That depth equals longevity and K. Dot will be around for decades.

    • TroyBrownTV

      Kendrick will be around for a long long time simply b/c the internet and the evolution of hip hop make it so that you can rap beyond age 29. Depth and lyricism are the keys to longevity in hip hop. However, I don’t think depth is 2 Chainz problem right now. The club bangers are the records that make cats like 2 Chainz and Kendrick as hot as they are. Hear me now quote me later; if Kendrick doesn’t deliver another Swimming Pools caliber record you will see the fanfare die off quickly.

    • bailedex

      But even still “Swimming Pools” isn’t just some mindless club banger, it has depth to it and talks very candidly about alcoholism. Kendrick is one of those artists that always has a purpose to everything he does. Everybody needs big hits to keep them relevant but it’s the soul that keeps the true music fans coming back for more.

  • Prince Gumball

    I’ve heard that hidden verse at the end performed live twice now… It finally makes sense