Kendrick Lamar's Interview w/ Ruck Rubin Was Annotated By Herbie Hancock, Eminem + More
Photo by Alan Gwizdowski

So you spent the better part of yesterday’s lunch break raking in those bits of wisdom from Kendrick Lamar‘s recent interview with hip-hop pioneer/guru, Rick Rubin. Soaked in all 50-minutes and realized that K Dot probably has another album arriving sooner than we could have imagined, and that Rubin will likely have a role in its conception. But what you may have missed on screen was that some hiii-powered luminaries also dropped their two-cents into that thoughtful and inspiring session between brilliant minds.

Courtesy of Genius, the entirety of GQ’s printed piece is annotated with footnotes from the likes of Herbie Hancock, Eminem and Deray McKesson amongst others. They drop anecdotes and praises galore. In the case of Kobalt Music Publishing Senior VP, Sam Taylor, we get the full backstory on how Pharrell’s beat for “Alright” landed with Kendrick in the first place. This thing’s so densely packed with brain nuggets you’ll need the week off just to fully absorb it all. If you haven’t already jumped down the rabbit hole, hit the link below to peep Kendrick Lamar’s interview with Rick Rubin in new light.

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