Keith Richards Tells Us About The Time Chuck Berry Punched Him In The Face

Keith Richards likely has the most storied career of any living guitar great. In a recent stop at The Tonight Show, Richards spoke to a less than pleasant encounter he once had with another six-string giant. Namely, Chuck Berry. Richards half-mumbled an account of a time when he stumbled upon Chuck’s cased axe, fighting the urge to pick it up and give it a quick run. When the pioneer discovers Richards with his cherished Gibson in-hand, Chuck gives him the old one-two (given this is Keith Richards we’re talking about, I doubt it even registered.)

While it’s long been known that The Rolling Stones account for a bitter spot in the embattled life of Berry, this is the first we’ve heard of things getting physical, and rightfully so. This should stand as a lesson to future axemen who happen to be in the presence of greatness: don’t touch your hero’s instrument, no matter how retrained you think they may be. Especially if he happens to be the true duck-walking king of rock n’ roll. Watch Keith Richards speak to that one time he became Chuck Berry’s greatest hit below.