K.E. On The Track breaks down the science behind producing the beat for “The Devil Is A Lie” – the 2nd single from Rick Ross‘ forthcoming Mastermind LP featuring Jay Z. The track dropped yesterday and has since taken the internet by storm. K.E. aka Kevin Erondu walks fans through the beat from the original Gene Williams vinyl sample to his philosophy behind the emphatically hard drum pattern and his approach to production. He also talks about his musical origins and drops a few thoughts about other joints he’s been involved with. Check the footage from LiveMixtapes.com below to get to know the man behind the beat. Stay tuned for more from Rick Ross’ Mastermind LP.


  • The Devil is a Lie is gonna be a big record for homie. When you got Ross and Hov on your beat, you’re golden. I like Ross verses but I think Hove really brought it. He talked about something that needed to be said which is every time a black person is succesfful, black people say they cheated. Either they sold their soul to the devil or they’re illuminati or something. The hate is real out here. Congratulations to this brotha

    • Smh

      He stole the beat from major seven. Google it.