Soul Train Awards 2012

BET is airing so many things to celebrate lately! ‘Tis the season, I guess. The Soul Train Awards 2012 have announced that John Legend, Fantasia, and Charlie Wilson are set to be the first performers in this year’s lineup. The program will also include names like Soul Train legend Jody Watley (what you know about “Real Love”?) and r&b star Keri Hilson. And to keep it sufficiently old-school, Cedric the Entertainer will MC the ceremony. I’m mostly excited for the performances. Back when American Idol may have meant something, Fantasia firmly herself in my mind as a performer. Anyone who knows her American Idol days recognize her as a tear-jerking, body-rocking live performer first and recording artist second. And if you have seen her perform live (via youtube, Broadway, etc), you might also know her in that order. To think that John Legend will perform alongside or (even better) beside her is something to anticipate.

Legend reached out via newsletter today, encouraging people to vote on a long list of important issues: “health care, education, our priorities in balancing the budget, how we care for our poor and disadvantaged, our role in global affairs, how we address and combat climate change, and how we continue to grow our economy in a way that extends prosperity to as many people as possible.” What’s funny is that he didn’t offer advice on who to vote for (ie he didn’t say “Vote Obama.” I knew what he meant though). In the same letter he shared news about his forthcoming album Love In The Future. The news: Hurricane Sandy slowed production, but it’s almost ready. Still no release date, but at least word that it’s coming soon (Christmas gift please). LITF is toting Kanye West, Dave Dozer, and John Legend as co-producers, while John Legend himself has made nothing but gold – from Get Lifted to Wake Up. I’m expecting nothing but greatness from this album and the Soul Train Awards performance.

Tune into BET or Centric on Sunday, November 25th at 9pm ET to catch these promising performers do their thing on Soul Train Awards 2012. Hopefully John will break us off with a preview.

(Did you vote?)


  • morejazzplease

    Glad to see Soultrain added some jazz categories this year! Its about time! However Chris Botti is hardly a “traditional” jazz artist. Why stop here? Add best new jazz artist and best jazz vocalist and instrumentalist categories! One unrelated thing I don’t understand is why is “Somebody I used to know” nominated in the international category? Does it have anything to do with Soultrain’s brand? Leave this kind of thing for the other shows that disappoint like the grammys, ama’s, etc. Also, I’m a huge Beyonce fan but I’m tired of seeing her on the ballot every single time. Let someone else win for a change. We know you love Bey. Glad to see Alicia Keys isn’t performing. I’m tired of her performing at every single televised event. I’m kind of over Keyshia Cole always performing too. Let some other people shine for a change. I’d love to see Bilal up there and Musiq, Jesse Boykins. Lets have some Jazz performances too and not just the smooth jazz ones!!

    • Raydio

      YES! I’m agreeing with you 100% on everything. Jesse Boykins III needs to hit up the Soul Train Awards + a lot of other things. And while we’re suggesting performers, let’s not forget that D’Angelo is back. They need to scoop him up while he’s still around.