Given the facts, I’m not sure if this Lil BJoey Bada$$ rap beef is even all that beefy. Let’s review. We’ve known Lil B isn’t one to let sly comments slide, as seen in his punches at the likes of Joe Budden, Ice T, and David Banner.  But the Based God recently dropped a diss track titled, “I’m The Bada$$,” apparently in response to jabs from some of Pro Era’s finest. It should be noted that the line people are saying started this “beef” is from none other than the late Capital Steez on his Joey Bad-collab track “Survival Tactics”, which states:

“They say hard work pays off/Well tell the Based God don’t quit his day job”

However, that doesn’t mean Joey hasn’t gotten in the ring at some point. In his DOOM produced track “Pennyroyal”, the Pro Era general remarks:

“Should’ve known you were a woo, like Based God in Wonton”

Both bars were enough for Lil B to drop his diss towards Joey. And in response, the Bada$$ just released the Lee Bannon produced “Don’t Quit Your Day Job.” The kid starts by announcing he was pretty disappointed by Lil B’s initial “warning shots” and goes on to name drop a few legendary West Coast emcees, including Lil B’s name in the mix. At this point, I can’t tell if this is all a big joke (seriously though, what isn’t a big joke when it comes to Lil B) or if someone’s actually trying to stir up trouble. Listen to the two beef stews below and let us know what you think.

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    Why is this even on OkayPlayer? This isn’t or would not hav been relevant. Come on man!

  • Dina Bell

    Dear Okayplayer crew, how can you disrespect yourselves and your audience by posting such garbage? A diss track? on a “That’s the way love goes” sample?? Come on, people!

  • Oh My

    Okay fail.