In Jim O’Rourke‘s remix of Neneh Cherry & The Thing‘s “Accordion” many of the original elements remain constant. The double bass that initiates the Neneh’s contemplation remains untouched in mix, for example. Rourke also leaves Neneh Cherry’s 1960s-speakeasy cadence unedited, although he does distort her voice so that it seems farther away as she recites Daniel Dumile/MF Doom‘s poetic description of Madvillain. The remix’s most striking difference from the original is the cacophony of bass, violin, drums making the haunting refrain, “Keep your glory, gold, and glitter” come off even more sinister, like. The original is characterized by a similar disorder, but one that is loud and bombastic. The quieter dissonance found in the remix makes for an even more thought-provoking song. Each image Cherry introduces in her lyrics, which seem more like a mindless ramble in the original, become more crisp and clear and so listeners can’t help but hold onto them. Overall, Jim O’ Rourke makes “Accordion” easier to digest, albeit colder. We like.


  • Dave_MC

    No shout out to DOOM for the lyrics? I missed the original, and this is a striking remake of this Madvillain classic. Also glad to see Jim O’Rourke get some OKP love. He’s a bit of a genius. Still, need that DOOM recognition…

    • Grimy

      I concur.

    • Raydio

      Duly noted. Good looking out on that slip up.