Video: Jesse Boykins III x MeLo-X - "Black Orpheus" - Okayplayer

Video: Jesse Boykins III x MeLo-X - "Black Orpheus"

Jesse Boykins III & Queen in still from his video for "Black Orpheus" w/ MeLo-X

With their new video for “Black OrpheusJesse Boykins III and MeLo-X do that voodoo that dukes do so well, that Zulu Guru voodoo–though in this case I guess its technically candomblé, since we are moving with the Brazilian theme. Anyway you splice it, the assemblage of bones, candle wax and satin-y black skin splattered with blue paint and dipped in silk and batik prints that is the video (direct by Dr. Woo) perfectly embodies not only the song and the title but JB3 & MeLo’s whole New Romantic movement. Bear witness below and cop the highly-rated Zulu Guru LP on iTunes now.

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