G.O.O.D. music - "Clique" (single art)

Jay-Z, Kanye West & Big Sean. Click track. No radio bombs (Oh, god).

spotted at HHNM


  • Sounds like a hit

  • Righteous!!!!!!!

  • S.dan

    dis jawn wack….continually fail to bring substance..shouldnt be on THIS website! not even a hater, just disappointed. Kanye BECAME everything he was against on his first album. I’m good.

    • Loveland

      Yep you are so correct!

  • i agree with S.dan
    “My girl a superstar all from a home movie” -Kanye West
    That aint nothin to brag about..he’s just another ego driven delusional lost nigga- these “men” are sad nowadays i swear…

  • matt

    more than agree than s.dan. kanye used to be awesome with college dropout and graduation etc, but nowadays is so far up himself, he’s become part of the group of artists like lil wayne who are unbearable to listen to…. please bring back the good old days

  • GreenMan

    Real happy ppl are saying something about this wackiness…I’ve been seeing more and more of the type of hip hop I thought this site WASNT about being posted…

    • well by ‘more & more’ how many tracks of “THAT” type of hip-hop are we talking really? OKP is definitely about providing space for alternative voices in black music but its also a space to just have a conversation about hiphop, its direction, how it impacts the culture at large etc etc. its also just not that easy to divide music into this and THAT; ?uesto music directed an orchestra for Jay-Z, who namechecks as his favorite new rapper Danny Swain, who is putting out a new record on…oops here we are back at OKP.

  • Tim

    I would have to disagree, Lil Wayne hasn’t actually changed much since earlier albums, he’s tried to change flow and lyrics but he’s all out and it’s just boring and unbearable now.. Kanye has changed his production style and lyrics completely from his new album.. because if he had 5 College Dropouts we’d be sitting here calling him a One Dimensional Artist.. Of course everyone is allowed a valid opinion, and I think Kanye is one of the few left in the industry who continues to bring something new to the table through his music now along with his crew. Watch The Throne and MBDTF (who I don’t know many people who didn’t like that album) took sampling to a new level! Mind you his word play/rapping has got substantially better since The College Dropout (except that Kim K line..)

    Just a thought..

  • jimmyarms

    Tim my friend you talk a lot of sense, One thing I don’t understand is even before Kanye dropped College Dropout he made his fair share of “ignorant songs” such as “Wow” and “You’re my type”. People talk as if Kanye was this Hero preaching righteousness all the time.. Remember “Breathe In, Breathe out” was on college dropout people….