Download Jay-Z & Jay Electronica "We Made It" (Remix)

Jay Z told him to put this out on twitter while everyone was sleeping.  Thanks for making us blog on a Sunday morning, gentlemen. Jigga and Jay Electronica hijack the “We Made It” beat off Soulja Boy’s The King mixtape from last December, which achieved notoriety after Drake dropped a freestyle over it.  Enough about all of that though, Jay Electronica connects with Jay Z on a track for the third time (this, “Shiny Suit Theory” and the yet-to-be-released “Road to Perdition”) and gives us a reason to talk about this beat by producer Purp Dogg.  According to Jay Elect, Hov asked him what “turn up” they should get on. Elect suggested Que’s “OG Bobby Johnson” but Hova picked “We Made It.” Two new tracks from Jay Electronica in one week, could this mean that Act II (The Turn) is actually coming this Spring? Good morning and happy Sunday from these two Jay’s.

Jay-Z & Jay Electronica “We Made It” (Remix) Download MP3 Link: www.mediafire.com/?lta7tm34a1780js


  • WindsorLambiotte

    ……i own my masters!

    • LisaDSparks

      I didn’t get that one until just now. Seriously layered this one is.

    • Imre

      “Slave to a label — but I own my masters” Pharoahe Monch — Desire

  • heez

    Yes!!! hopefully this means we getting that album from Jay

  • heez

    Jay sending them shots at drizzy lol

  • 2saunt

    YES! …and another one!

  • eesh




  • Garvey … Once a tolerant bre

    Pro Black shit from two gods.

  • Dres ThaBeatnik

    I’ll say this… if You Guys Drop one more J Elect joint on a Sunday… We might as well start calling this #ELECTRONICASUNDAYS!!! #AWESOMESAUCE!! Love this Track… SHARE THIS… SHARE THIS… SHARE THIS!!! BIG UP to OKAYPLAYER for this!! #FOLLOWTHEHAT

  • this tune is dope, but i can tell by the lyrics that he needs to read more books because most of his references to our past are wrong. kool track though.definately liking the production on this. but no, we didnt start on a slave ship, we started in the nile valley and founded Khemit, we founded science and medicine and then Egypt and founded ALL OF Europe too. Dope track. Oscar is not sucess.Sucess is the LIBERATION OF ALL black people around the world. dope track though

    • frillzy

      I think you may have misinterpreted what jay meant when he said ‘came up’. I think he meant it in terms of slavery being our most potent struggle and how we came up from that. Not literally where we came into being. Buuuuut I could be wrong.

    • Calvin R. Davis

      Let’s not nitpick. Does anyone believe that Jay thinks we actually started on a slave ship? lol. And nowhere in the song did anyone say that an Oscar is a greater success than Liberation. I’m sure you know that definitely doesn’t have an ‘a’ in it and that success has two ‘C’s in it. But I didn’t let that detract from the point you were making in your statement. Again, let’s not nitpick.

    • The Merovingian

      You’re so extra lol.

    • jd

      I’m saying. Super extra.

    • Billy_the_D_Williams

      Depends on what you choose to believe if you want to talk about the black race you could go back to Ham’s son Put and the black primarily came from that migrated from Mt. Ararat where Noah’s Ark landed. but if your black and biased to only Khemet than I understand how your buck stops there.

    • CharlyWhorse

      Doesnt Kemet predate the bible?

    • Billy_the_D_Williams

      the bible in it’s written form can be traced after Egypt but the characters I mentioned lived prior to Kemet. this is evident with the geographical findings of the Kushite (Cush another one of Ham’s son also black) people who settled in the Southern part of Egypt/Kemet.

    • Rodney Hardee

      he’s just comparing what his success feels like. The jubilation and hysteria from the cast was great because it put Lupita on the may. Not discrediting where you coming from. I wholeheartedly agree. But when one is at peace within himself/herself success can be be related to a multide of platforms.
      All that said it is a dope track and Andrew keep plugging away at the history lesson. You got me googling and wanting to read more myself.

    • Rodney Hardee


  • John Jay

    These two men show they have knowledge of Self, verses are deep, deep into the lessons and masonry…a pure delicacy!
    Gimme some more!

  • Divine I-Master Allah

    Peace to the God Je’Ri Understanding Allah for dropping some wicked ass bars….droppin’ jewels! Jay-Z goes in as well!

  • /Ross

    Words come equal for future

  • Terrhon Jfk Brown

    Drake is gonna be pissed..

  • Hip Hop

    Funny… this sounds better than all of MCHG

    • Live Well

      Noooooo doubt!

  • ELIROB72


  • Rodney Hardee

    Is it me or does Elect bring out the best in Hov. His catalog is extensive, but when he really spits something that makes me hit the rewind button, I’m loving it. He just sounds more rejuvenated. I just hope his motivation is not just to sound better better than Elect, but to actaully have his raps have more substance. They sound good together. Now make a trsck with NAS and shut the industry down for a minute!!!! all over a J dilla/9th Wonder beat.