Brooklyn-born rap titan Jay-Z breaks his silence, dropping “Open Letter” – his latest track produced by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz – amidst widespread criticism of his recent jaunt to the Caribbean republic of Cuba. The Carters reportedly made the trip to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Certain reports of their voyage to the tiny nation – long shrouded by the specter of post-revolutionary embargo, controversy and the stigma of socialism – have all but accused the couple of traveling to the land of Castro with ulterior political motives. The uproar has also found some talking heads calling for a federal investigation and sanctions against the power couple. While the public outcry seems perversely overblown and is undoubtedly a byproduct of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s friendship with the first family, the topic is still making waves in part because of the fact that political relations between the United States and Cuba – though slightly improved – are still not the best. That said, they are not the first Americans to step foot on Cuban soil in recent years. Maybe Jay and Bey just wanted to take a stroll through old Havana or sit and relax on the beach. Maybe St. Tropez is old hat. Maybe all of it is extremely benign and might not be cause for a nation to take a collective stance against two of it’s most high-profile entertainers. Or maybe it is indeed true that this is the worst thing ever. Maybe we all should have bigger fish to fry. Here’s what Hov had to say about it.

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  • dsj80

    “Obama said chill you gonna get me impeached!”
    “you don’t need this ish anyway chill me on the beach” i like that line right there LOL.

  • R.O.C 4life One Love Jay

  • David Green

    The impetus for the song is absurd, but I kinda of like the track. Sad thing is CUBA will probably become next trending topic among 17-25 year olds because of this, as if the political embargo has not been in place for decades, and as if artists have not been traveling to Cuba for years.

    • Casanova Frankenstein

      hence jigga stating “wherethe fuck have you been? yall gone learn today”