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Jason Goldwatch is so 2012

by dantana
8 years ago

Above: New 2011 music video reel from director, artist, and co-founder of Decon, Jason Goldwatch.
Below: Some words from a recent iChat convo with the man about lessons in psychedelia plus 13 exclusive photos from his trip “traveling through time and space in shock and awe and recording it together” with fellow collaborators: Evidence, Kid Cudi, Pharrell, Aceyalone, 88-Keys, JR Gong, Kanye West, Jay Electronica, Murs, and more.

(from iChat)
i guess the fundamental, and most easily describable thing that psychedelics taught me was that EVERYTHING is psychedelic. ALL the time.
right now.
part of that is seeing with complete awe and amazement everything, very much including what most consider mundane moments
every moment has a billion more moments inside
everyone so precious and reliant on the last.
forever and ever
i think all great photographers and all artists for that matter have some sort of fundamental understanding of this..
the precious fleeting moments of wonderment
and the need to express that back. or maybe acknowledge its greatness somehow.
that’s pretty fucking real
that’s not like “it is what it is,” or “not for nuthin”
so to me the people im trying to work with are acknowledgers of the great moment
the fearless spirits in human form
people who completely settle in.
and using their minds manipulate their environments
create their own personal realities
this is fascinating to me
and extremely spiritual if you really break it down back to being Conscious of the Consciousness
Laird Hamelton
Hulk Hogan
Odd Future
Willie Nelson
Wade Davis
Peter Beard
(google if you have to)
expressing the idea of mindful wisdom in their own personal way
and furthering the evolution of human consciousness
by continuously pushing the boundaries of this awareness we all have
some more then others
The first step into any psychedelic journey is getting over that initial fear.
And learning that being scared and being in pain are ok.
and that being mindful in those moments are extremely important and just as valuable as the opposite.
so every single moment, no matter where you are is a gift
and a learning experience
and a creation of infinite awesomeness
like a cowboy who was always home ” where he hung his hat”
or the Bhudda in retreat
or Mike Tyson with those birds
completely at home, in every moment.

Keep up with the Goldwizard: on twitter, Hype Beast, Decon.co, and his own blog Never Not Fresh. Be on the look out for his photo book dropping later this year, as well as a feature doc in the works with Nat Geo Explorer and his mentor Wade Davis that is going to blow your mind. For real business ops, email dan @ decon . co

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