Janelle Monáe Takes It To The Islands With "What Is Love"

Janelle Monáe serves up a dose of sunny Caribbean funk with her latest drop “What Is Love”, off the upcoming Rio 2 soundtrack. In a move straight out of Pharrell’s playbook, Janelle drops this anthemic island-textured ballad ahead of the animated feature’s April 11th release, giving us prime opportunity to get familiar with this funky treat. After just putting us onto her synth-swag rendition of Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible” just yesterday, we get Monáe’s soaring vocals reigning supreme over this island funk with a bass walking for days and a bounce that recalls go-go’s stampeding rhythm. Its all gold. So go ahead and rock with the latest drop from Miss Monáe and keep your ear to the ground for more from the funky android.


  • Ebenezer Carvalho

    Caribbean funk? This is Samba! This is Brazilian Samba whith Janelle Monaé !!!

  • Obvious

    Yeah it is Samba. From a part of Brazil that is not even relatively near the Caribbean. It is from the soundtrack of a movie with the name of a Brazilian city. Wake up please.

  • Obvious

    Not an island textured anything. I guess you got too excited from the great sounds.