Janelle Monáe and The Roots lit up the stage on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night with a souled-out cover of the Jimi Hendrix song “Little Wing” taken from his album Axis: Bold As Love. The performance was staged in celebration of the release of Hendrix’s posthumous album People, Hell & Angels. The album dropped on March 5th at number two on the Billboard charts. It’s arrival marked by a wave of excitement as fans of the late rocker clamored for the previously unreleased studio recordings. People, Hell & Angels comes ahead of the long-anticipated and recently controversial Hendrix biopic starring Andre 3000. No release date has been set for the film which is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2013. Check the performance below.


  • Tom

    why did the dude with the weird hair play lead guitar instead of Captain Kirk? Not that the other guy did a bad job but Kirk would’ve rocked that

  • Oprah’s Punani

    because that’s Kelindo, Janelle’s guitarist.

  • horrible!!!!this was just for tv, marketing and promotion (Janelle Monae, coachella, Fallon, etc). Any COVER of Hendrix is about the artistry of guitar-playing, not singing (and being pretentious while singing is even worse)….and plus, this guitarist SUCKED! I didn’t expect this from the roots.

  • Atiramlam

    I love Janelle and I love Karas Lamb!!! She’s amaze-balls!!!

  • Shakti Baum

    Wish she would have sung in a lower octave. Didn’t really enjoy it.

  • HLovely

    Her voice is pretty but the melody and vibe of the original is totally lost here.

  • This is fucking terrible…

  • John Amos tan

    Couldnt believe my ears…..WHAT!!!! This is the most disgusting version i have ever heard!!! They ruined the whole song!! Horrible guitar lead too!!

  • Psquared

    Hmm, Kellindo has been amazing everytime ive seen them live.

  • HendrixCoverSux


  • greg

    shes stunning i wish she would stop dressing like a man

  • slickdick

    I love janelle but this song does not work….. speacially in this key

  • she played this live at the made in america jay z tour in philly… sooo amazing

  • Lotsowing

    Guitar player butchered the intro and outro was kinda weak- but who ever ends this song strong?
    I found I liked it a lot better when I didn’t watch the video. Overall I liked it. Not top 10, but solid i think.

  • Jimmy.Hendix

    All you Hendrix fans. Just appreciate the music. Stop being so damn critical. Most of you cant sing or play. So stop hating.

  • I’ve got a lot of time for these musicians but they just murdered that song. Had to turn it off.