Kintaro (Jameel Bruner) Drops Ill Fire On 'Don't Mind A Label'

Jameel Bruner (Kintaro) Promotes Being "Friends With Benefits" On New Cut, 'Don't Mind A Label'

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Jameel Bruner, better known as the one, the only Kintaro, is poised to have an extremely dope-as-fuck 2017. The former keyboardist for The Internet has been teasing a new track via his Twitter since the middle of last month (see tweet below). Now, “Don’t Mind A Label,” a scintillating, Trap-n-B styled cut, is here for your ear’s delight. If you are on #TeamPejondis, then this is right up your alley. If not, don’t worry, you’ll become a fan sooner or later.

The harder-than-adamantium track finds Jameel telling his friend with benefits that he “wouldn’t mind a label” if she performs to his sexual standards. Which, by all means, is a message to those looking to get with the music gawd: press play on “Don’t Mind A Label” and you may have a shot with the young Super Saiyan singer-songwriter. Either way, there’s no word as to where this song is going to land, but we’re all ears and eyes hoping that this means a full-fledge album is on the way from the Los Angeles musician.

Listen to “Don’t Mind A Label” below, and don’t hesitate to press that “follow” button to keep up with the latest and greatest in Jameel Bruner’s world.

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