Jack Davey L0-F! D'Lux

Today brings the closing of Jack Davey‘s L0-F! trilogy, as she jut released the third part, L0-F! D’Lux. After flipping sides A and B, we get both packaged together with 3 additional bonus tracks to form the LP D’Lux version. Thirteen tracks of grungy, lo-fidelity, rock – stream it in full at AOL Spinner’s Listening Party for the rest of the week (then cop it on iTunes). Seperately, you can also purchase the interactive digi-book with music videos, and scenes from Jack’s blog.


  • fontgangsta

    this is stupid. i hate when artists to this. this new collection costs the same as sides A & B together, but it has bonus tracks.
    so you’re basically punishing fans who bought your stuff when it came out.