House Shoes breaks down J Dilla - "Ruff Draft Intro" (video still)

In the next installment of House Shoes x J Dilla breakdowns from our Detroit players at Bling47, things get a little personal. The track in question is “Ruff Draft Intro” (alternate version) and the record Dilla grabbed for it (P’taah – “Hold You Close“) is satisfyingly deep and obscure. But what’s really gonna blow peoples heads in this video is Shoes’ anecdote about getting into (almost) fisticuffs with the legendary producer over a crate of unreturned records; rolling around right on his front lawn on the day of his daughter’s birthday (hey, it ain’t all donuts and c.r.e.a.m., even in Dilla-land). Luckily the main thing that makes great music more enjoyable is a great story to go with it. Watch below:

props to B47