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J Dilla "Detroit Madness" f/ Phat Kat [Snippet] + New LP!

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

Aw. Sh+t. This snippet is the first concrete proof we’ve had that the rumored J-Dilla-from-beyond LP The Rebirth of Detroit–the plans for which we reported back in April–is more than just talk. The beat will give any Dilla fan chills, as Phat Kat will do for anybody who grew up in Detroit with rhymes like “While I feed ’em like Focus Hope, belee’ dat” <– #IfYouGrewUpInDetroit, “Focus Hope cheese” is right up there with “I saw your family moving down the street with your clothes in R bags.” Ask somebody. In fact #IfYouGrewUpInDetroit, play this back to back with this for pure nostalgic O.D. On second thought, forget all that if you want to O.D. on hash-tags you can’t really F with: #NewDillaLP. Stay tuned. Keep hope alive.



props to JDROD

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