J. Cole debuting verses of new song "Chaining Day" live at Mic Check Wednesdays at DROM, NYC

Made man J. Cole stopped by Mic Check Wednesdays at DROM last night to speak a little about his history with the showcase and how things can come full circle–and also while he was there, Cole gave the assembled heads an exclusive preview of some new music, debuting a verse (or two) from a new song called “Chaining Day.” Watch below (the rhymes don’t kick in until about the 3-minute mark but the preamble is actually pretty relevant to what he breaks down in the rap, so we recommend you listen all the way through). Compare with “Mr. Nice Watch” off his current LP Cole World: The Sideline Story (on iTunes now).



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    I love him but it’s time to pull the pants up. I can’t wait for pants sagging to go out of style. Because I would not give him the time of day because his pants is hanging down off his butt.