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Audio: The Internet - "Give It Time"

Been a minute since we’ve heard anything from hip-hop/soul/[odd]future duo, The Internet. If you googled the duo’s well-known vocalist, Syd Tha Kyd in recent months in hopes of finding a snippet of music (even a snippet is enough sometimes, right?), you’ve probably been disappointed in finding outdated tracks like “Cocaine” or “Love Song.” Or worse: some article on her sexual identity, which is clearly not why you’re listening. If you’re like me, you’ve probably thought amidst all this, Where the music at? Well, The Internet has recently (finally) provided an answer: “Give It Time.”

In efforts to promote their upcoming EP Feel Good, The Internet dropped this sweet, laid back song. Harmonic ooohs and acoustic guitar pickings parallel the peaceful cover art that comes with the track. In the song, Syd and Matt Martian of The Jet Age of Tomorrow (on production) don’t deviate from the smooth-sailing sound they’re known for so if you’re a stan, you surely won’t be disappointed. And if December rolls by without the release of Feel Good, and you find yourself a little upset, take heed to their plea in “Give It Time”:

“Seems we’ve been gone/gone for so long
gave you all my energy/thankful for your faith in me
but why don’t you just have some patience
it’s so hard to find/all we need is time
lately lot’s been on my mind
so please let me breathe/where’s the tree?”

I don’t know where the tree is, but breathe in this track and feel good.

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