Ice Cube answers The Questions

Ice Cube answers “The Questions” in our new Okayplayer TV segment (shouts to Nate “Dog” Parson). Which questions? The Questions, damn you! What was the date of the infamous Good Day in your song “It Was A Good Day”? How does it feel to be touring with LL Cool J, De La Soul and Public Enemy on The Kings Of The Mic tour in 2013? What’s the story with this new N.W.A.-inspired movie Straight Outta Compton? Is it really all love with you and Common? You know the questions, you really want to know the answers to! Sorry we can’t put them in print, you have to watch the video below to get Cube’s responses to these and more:

Videographer: Bernard Feinsod
Sound: Greg Scott
Editor: Allison Swank
Music: Chaos


  • Jinx

    This must be Dan’s doing.

  • amisstree


  • This is a good ass interview. I need Cube to be out there being more vocal man. He has interesting viewpoints, he’s touring, he’s releasing music and movies, he’s a legend…we need dude to be more active with these kinds of interviews. I love watching the interviews with all the OGs b/c they got the best stories and everything. Imagine interviewing the young cats of today 20 years from now…smh. Only a handful would have knowledge to drop and stories to tell. Everybody else would just be talking about some dumb shit no one wants to hear.