Video: House Shoes Breaks Down J Dilla - "Waves" - Okayplayer

Video: House Shoes Breaks Down J Dilla - "Waves"


House Shoes is back with the next J Dilla breakdown session, courtesy of Bling47. This time the dude makes perhaps his boldest statement yet. “This might be the one. This might be the greatest chop, that Dilla ever came up with.” He is talking about Dilla’s use of the sample “Johnny Don’t Do It” which you can find split, cut, and chopped up in “Waves” off of Donuts. In this installment, House Shoes gives Dilla some immense credit for paying attention to this corny, superpop track…and turning it into a deep cut, barely reminiscent of the original sample. And as Shoes puts it so eloquently, “he found this shit, and, what the fuck happened after he found it, how did that thought form in his head to do that with it?” Watch below.


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