LargeUp Exclusive: Hollie Cook x Mellow Mood - "Cry" [mp3 Download] - Okayplayer

LargeUp Exclusive: Hollie Cook x Mellow Mood - "Cry" [mp3 Download]

Free Download Via LargeUp

Call me a geek or whatever, but I have favorite words: one of them is “free” and another one is “music” (in that order). You put those together without mentioning “bootleg,” “leak,” or “piracy,” and I’m all ears. So you know I was straight Dumbo when I heard that our Caribbean counterpart,LargeUp, and Marley’s Mellow Mood had linked up to co-curate a weekly free music download series, right? In their efforts to reduce stress and relieve tension even above and beyond their line of relaxation beverages, Marley’s Mellow Mood has launched “Tune In Tuesdays.” Every Tuesday, you can visit this link to download new music from different up-and-coming artists.

The fact that LargeUp is in on this music giveaway is icing on the cake because free fiends like me know they’re getting quality material and not just any ol’ track. This week’s selection is a case in point, as the sweet voice and face hovering over the download link is none other than LargeUp (and Okayplayer) favorite, Hollie Cook. Being the daughter of Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook, Hollie is no stranger to good music. To really see (or hear) that, you don’t have to depend on her bloodline, but on her music. Listen to her lovers rock “Cry” to see why LargeUp dubbed her 2011’s Rookie of the Year, and why she’s Tune In Tuesdays’ featured artist this week. If you’ve already fallen for “Cry,” just hit the link below to download.

>>>Stream/Download “Cry” (via LargeUp)

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